Improving the situation of Statelessness and asylum seekers

Many immigrants have entered European countries over the past several years. These countries subject to different migration laws, are often not facilitating the conditions which these people live in. While most immigrants possess legal documents, their residence permit is often refused by the government. These people have abandoned their country of origin due to war, political reasons, economical problems, educational purposes, etc. In search for a better life in countries that can provide them with what they need.

This, includes “stateless refugees” who are not considered a national or a citizen by any nation or state and Europe holds approximately 570,534 registered stateless people, which is the majority of these people out of all the other continents.

These people sacrifice a whole lot in order to get accepted by a nation and be given rights to live, study and work and often times are taken advantage of and are victims of sexual, monetary and business abuse and are abstained from education or marriage with their cases being suspended by the government for a long time. 

There are also “asylum seekers” whose cases take too long to be responded to by the government. It usually takes the government up to a year to arrange an interview session for them. Meanwhile, they live without any financial support, and are withheld from working and other rights.

Refugees, also, live in critical conditions waiting for their ID cards to be renewed requested by the government, leaving them in very difficult situations where they can’t go back to their country of origin and have to wait long periods of time for identity validation and face problems regarding their families joining them too.

However, criminals who possess several residence documents are sometimes given the right to live in the country and this lack of control by the government causes these people to misuse the law and get away with crime, whilst refugees who can’t even afford an office for their associations, don’t have residence permit, education and working rights.

(Bashir Eskandari)

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